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Infant Class

 (6 weeks to 12 months)


A goal of The Village is to ensure quality care at all ages. Our infant class is limited to 10 students and 3 teachers. This allows us to exceed state standards, offer a loving and nurturing environment to our students and allows our teachers to enjoy their work day. We accept students at six weeks of age and they remain in our infant class room until they are one year old and walking in most instances.


Each teacher designs a weekly activity plan for their group. This activity plan includes but is not limited to songs, books, outside adventures, texture, talk, sensory development, and finger puppets.


Through our research and experience we strive to follow a schedule of eat, play, and sleep with our younger infants. As they mature, we introduce them to a more structured schedule in which they will nap around 10am and 2pm. However, each child may follow their own schedule in this class. As children near age 1, we will work with the child and their parents to transition them to a more appropriate schedule and level of development to ensure readiness for our 1 year old class. As the child begins to eat table food, we will provide their meals and snack.


While it is hard to say exactly how a day will flow for an infant, we have developed a daily routine for this class.

It would look something like the following:

Touch and Exploration Activities


Diaper Changes

Outside Time (weather permitting)

Quiet Time

Diaper Changes


Diaper Changes

Quiet Time

Change Diapers


Art and Sensory Time

Outside Time

Diaper Changes

Free Play

Children Lining for Treats


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Ages 6 weeks - 5 years

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